AN ORFORD artist has created an album about growing up through adversity and finding yourself.

Kyle Richardson-Nickle, has been musical since the age of four and after some tough times, he has come through the other side and put it into words under the name of Passion Flower in an album called ‘To Bloom Is To Grow’.

He said: “I struggle with depression and anxiety so that is a constant. A lot of these songs are written a few years ago when I was at my lowest point.

“I was suicidal and writing these songs helped me to get through those times. It was mostly for myself but to let other people know that if you are feeling alone, there are other people out there who understand and get you.

“It talks a lot about mental health, growing through adversity and struggling and trying to find yourself.

“It focuses heavily on trying to grow up after that and move forward.”

The album falls under the pop-funk/emo genre, which Kyle says is a supportive community.

The 28-year-old added: “The community is quite supportive and is a safe space for anyone who feels dejected from regular society.

“It’s an open and honest genre.

“The songs mean the world to me and I like to open it up to interpretation for people taking away their own meanings from the songs.

“It’s open-ended in that regard.”

Kyle – who went to Beamont Primary School and then William Beamont High School – takes inspiration from the likes of Prince.


Kyle hopes he can collaborate with a special band taking to Warrington next year

Kyle hopes he can collaborate with a special band taking to Warrington next year


He continued: “I love musicians like Prince who are multi-instrumentalists and worked hard to do it all themselves.

“In this album, I played all the instruments apart from the drums and the producer brought the song to life.

“I’d love to have longevity in the music scene, tour all over the world, release multiple albums and keep going as far as I can.”

And to help kick things off, Kyle would love nothing more than the chance to support My Chemical Romance as an emo band at their Victoria Park gig next year.

He describes it as a ‘pipe dream’ but says he would be a fool for not trying.