SPIRITS are high in the Snow White pantomime camp which is coming to the Parr Hall soon.

After the festive show was cancelled at the beginning of 2021, they are set to take to town on January 6 – 16.

And for Sarah Dare, who is playing Snow White in the panto produced by Tony Peers, she cannot wait to get into action.

“Last Christmas was so weird for families as we had to eat in different rooms, social distance and this year we can be in the same room and I’m very excited,” said the 23-year-old.

“It’s been tricky but I have had lots of support from friends and family so that’s been really nice. It’s great that we now get to celebrate all the actors that have been unemployed for so long in this Christmas period.”

Playing Snow White’s wicked step mum, Horribella is Sarah Nelson and she is excited by the chance to play at the iconic venue.

She said: “It has got such presence, it really got me excited to start working here. I’ve got family from Warrington and it’s an absolute joy to be back up north playing so close to home in a venue that has got such heritage like this.

“It’s different for me because I’m fresh out of drama school so there has been no halt in my process but for so many of the people I’ve worked with, they’ve had months, even years of dry spells due to Covid.

Horribella is Snow Whites wicked step mum

Horribella is Snow White's wicked step mum

“Pretty much all of my friends who I graduated with have been hired by different touring pantos and it’s really heart-warming."

It is also a first pantomime for Callum Marshall, from Scarborough, who will play Prince William of Whitby.

The 25-year-old said: “I like watching them so I imagine they are just as fun when you do them as well.

“I did one job before Covid and as I’m also a musician, my normal income is gigging and of course the pubs were closed so there was no money coming in.

“It’s nice to get back to it and pick up where you have left off.

Can the Wicked Queen be defeated? Join the Snow White, the handsome Prince and seven friendly dwarfs to find out

Can the Wicked Queen be defeated? Join the Snow White, the handsome Prince and seven friendly dwarfs to find out

“Just sit down and let it happen to you.”

Horribella added: “Embrace the chaos and if you’re in the audience just get up to your neck in the fun of it. We’re all in it together and I can’t wait to share it with the audience.”

Tickets can be found here.