NATHAN Wood has revealed his fiancée's lost engagement ring was set for a murky future before it was safely returned.

The Australian former Warrington Wolves half-back and his partner Tami Griffiths were in tears after getting their hands back on the expensive item of jewellery that was bought last month but then lost on Shelly Beach, Manly, in the northern suburb of Sydney.

They hired two people with metal detectors to search the beach for four hours with no luck.

Wood hailed it a 'Christmas miracle' after a social media post by his fiancée on the 'Lost and Found Northern Beaches' page ultimately proved successful as a 'mystery lady' came forward with the ring, which she said she had bought from a relative when it was about to be used to buy drugs.

And before that the ring, which cost the former Super League star almost £6,500 from 18 months of savings, was attempted to be pawned.

"There are so many variables that makes this a true miracle that we have it back," said the 49-year-old, who represented The Wire between 2002 and 2005 after previous spells with Wakefield Trinity, Balmain Tigers, Sydney City and New Zealand Warriors.

"Her brother and his mate found it. They took it to Cash Converters who offered them $800 for it! It’s worth $12000!

"They then wouldn't buy it off the pair as one of them was black listed. The pair then decided to trade it for drugs.

"The mystery lady gave them some money and took the ring to her jeweller who told her the true value.

"This then prompted her to search for the owner and she found Tami's post

"We gave the mystery lady a bottle of Moet and some cash."

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The pair welcomed their son Jagger into the world in September and Wood gave his partner the 'engagement ring of her dreams' for her birthday in November but was then left devastated after the token of their love became lost.

Wood told how the stranger's act of kindness 'gives us all hope again'.

"Tami absolutely loved the ring…Sadly she lost it on the 30th of November at Shelly Beach. My poor sweetheart cried for days.

"I’m blown away by the honesty and care this lady has shown by returning this ring.

"Merry Christmas everyone. I just thought this story would give us all hope again."