WARRINGTON Wolves legend Nathan Wood and his fiancée were left in tears of joy after their 'Christmas miracle' this week.

Wood, who became a fans' favourite with The Wire at scrum-half and hooker between 2002 and 2005 before returning home to Sydney, Australia, has told how a stranger's act of kindness 'gives us all hope again'.

Warrington Guardian: Fans' favourite, Nathan Wood. Picture: Mike BodenFans' favourite, Nathan Wood. Picture: Mike Boden

The 49-year-old's wife-to-be Tami Griffiths, who gave birth to their son Jagger on September 18, lost her engagement ring on a beach in the northern suburb of Manly last month but 16 days later the treasured possession is back on the fourth finger of her left hand.

Warrington Guardian:

In a video and series of pictures taken by Wood, he reveals the emotional moments following his fiancée being reunited with the symbol of their love that the ex-Wire ace had bought with his savings.

"Guys this is a Christmas Miracle that I have to tell you," said Wood, who joined Wolves from Wakefield Trinity and also had playing spells with Balmain Tigers, Sydney City and New Zealand Warriors.

"I’ve been trying to put a little bit aside for over 18 months to buy my beautiful Tami the engagement ring of her dreams for her birthday in November.

"Anyway I manage to get her a ring made that reminded me of her.

"She absolutely loved it…Sadly she lost it on the 30th of November at Shelly Beach.

Warrington Guardian: Shelly Beach, ManlyShelly Beach, Manly

"My poor sweetheart cried for days.

"We hired two people with metal detectors to search the beach for four hours with no luck."

But they were not going to give up and Wood tells his fiancée in the video that it is her good heart that has led to her getting the ring back.

"My beautiful Tami's heart and soul always sees the best in everyone and has nothing but love, hope and kindness for everyone she meets," said Wood.

"My Tami put up a post on Lost and Found Northern Beaches and last night a lady messaged Tami and said she has the ring!

"Tami told me and I said it’s a gee up.

Warrington Guardian:

"My Tami rang me today after she went to meet this mystery lady.

"Her face in these pictures I took when she rang me says it all….I was in tears myself seeing how grateful she was to have her ring back."

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

Wood is so appreciative of the woman named Katie coming forward with her jewellery find.

"I’m blown away by the honesty and care this lady has shown by returning this ring," he said.

"Merry Christmas everyone. I just thought this story would give us all hope again.

"To my darling Tami, I love you sweetheart, but please get the ring insured ASAP!"

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian: