WE are not short of options.

Warrington always steps up for Christmas and this year is no different.

Lots of houses and streets have covered their gardens and their properties in lights and inflatables to garner Christmas spirit, so we thought we would round up some of the best around Warrington and give them a shout-out.

Alder Crescent, Orford

This is brilliant.

We paid a visit to Alder Crescent to be greeted by residents in great spirits with hot dogs and drinks on the go.

Donations are being made to support the Warrington NHS maternity ward in a bucket on the street. It is a whole street effort and most of the decorations come from Carl Wood’s house.

“I did it to cheer an old lady up over the road – she’s the heart and soul of the street. It’s for everyone , all the kids and cars coming up to visit,” said Carl.

Lights come on at 5pm until around 10.30pm

Broadbent Avenue, Latchford

You are unlikely to find a bigger Santa in Warrington.

In Latchford, Rob Jones’ house has an inflatable Santa around 25 feet tall along with lighting and Christmas trees and reindeer inflatables.

Residents have turned up in their numbers to take a look and even closer to Christmas, Rob will have Santa in person along with him too.

Gaskell Avenue, Latchford

A house on Gaskell Avenue on the corner with Reynolds Street is very festive.

The house is full of lights, reindeer and a playhouse has even turned into a Christmas house - what more do you want?

Warrington Guardian:

Pichael Nook, Latchford

On the corner of Pichael Nook you might have spotted a huge gingerbread man, Santa, and snowman.

And a Christmas tree and archway made of lights lit up Craig Middlemore’s front garden.

He is raising money to support St Rocco’s Hospice and the more donations they get, the bigger and better they make the display.

If you visit, make sure to say ‘let it snow’.


Christmas lights on Hill Top Road in Woolston

Christmas lights on Hill Top Road in Woolston

Hill Top Road, Woolston

For the past few years, those on Hill Top Road in Woolston has created a magical collective display of Christmas lights in their front gardens.

And 2021’s switch-on has now taken place, which is sure to spark a raft of visitors once more as it has been a popular shout among readers.

Southworth Avenue, Bewsey

One of the most popular recommendations we’ve had is at Southworth Avenue.

Residents have clubbed together for a fantastic light display and Oliver Booth - who lives on the street - has set up a Santa sleigh for children visiting.

They are also raising funds for St Rocco’s Hospice.

Carrington Park


A look at the stunning Carrington Park

A look at the stunning Carrington Park


There are nearly 4,800 meters of lights stretching across the road onto the park – not bad at all.

And it looks stunning as well. One of the many remarkable displays around town.

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