AN Orford woman’s community dance classes have raised nearly £3,500 for Children in Need.

Sponsored dances and a bake sale took place in 18 classes at Little Movers Warrington and garnered £3,465 of support.

Franchisee, Sarah Horton, could not be more proud of the group’s efforts.

She said: “It’s unbelievable. I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the amount that we’ve raised and the generosity of all of the Little Movers and their families it’s been absolutely amazing.

“The fundraising was a huge success and with more sponsor money to come in over the next couple of weeks, we are hoping to hit the £3,500 mark.

“Every child and family has got involved and helped to raise an incredible amount for such a worthy cause.”

Sarah, who was born in Orford and is still based there, bought the franchise in December 2020, but classes didn’t start until April due to lockdown.

The franchise as a whole does something to support Children in Need every year and this year, everyone has been on board with dancing and baking.

There was a bake sale to raise money for Children in Need

There was a bake sale to raise money for Children in Need

The dance lasted for around four minutes and consisted of five dances they do in their community class.

“It’s quite a long time for a lot of the babies and the toddlers to dance so it was quite a challenge for them really,” added the 36-year-old.

“At Little Movers, we are quite dedicated to doing lots of charity work within our franchise so it’s definitely something that we will continue to do moving forward.”

The amount raised by the franchise goes towards Little Movers’ grand total.