FROM the streets of North London to the roof of Buckingham Palace – Suggs has been there and has a story to share and he will do so in Warrington.

He is back on the road in 2022 sharing more from those experiences – and many more tales from his throne as King Cnut – in Suggs: A Life in the Realm of Madness, which comes to the Parr Hall on Thursday, February 3.

The show follows on from his previous smash hit tour My Life Story, in which the Madness frontman told how he got there. This time out, in Suggs: A Life In The Realm Of Madness he shares the surprises waiting for him on arrival.

Graham McPherson, who plays Suggs, said: “If the first show was about how on earth I got to where I am, then this one is about what happened when I got there.

“The stories include suffering vertigo on the roof of Buckingham Palace, nearly blowing the closing ceremony of the Olympics, and the embarrassing stuff that happened at Glastonbury.

“I’ve always been waiting for a tap on the shoulder and to be asked ‘What are you doing here, sunshine?’. It’s surreal really, to look back at 12-year-old me compared to everything that’s happened since. Madness, you might say!”

Suggs tells his story in words and music, with the help of some Madness classics and his own tracks, weaving a tale which is set to delight fans.

The date has had to be rescheduled from October 24, 2020 and April 8, 2021.

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