IMAGINE being mugged at knifepoint and gunpoint, having a minor heart attack, being bitten by dogs, being shot at, hit by a car and all the things in between – and still being alive to tell the story.

For Nick Butter, he does not have to imagine it.

Those of some of the experiences the 32-year-old had while on a heroic challenge to run a marathon in all 196 countries.

He did so – and will take to the Pyramid Arts Centre to tell his story and his changed perspective on life next week on Saturday, November 27.

“The talks aren’t centred around lessons other than sharing my story and trying to give people a gentle nudge in the direction of an alternative path and to live life with intent rather than fumbling from one day to the next," he said.

“This whole journey was inspired by a friend of mine, Kevin, who had terminal prostate cancer and he had a very clear message which was ‘don’t wait for some things to happen in your life to give you the kick up the backside you need – if you had a dream, follow it and achieve it.’

“That is the same message that I’m giving everybody else – don’t just wait around in an office if you want to do something and stop making excuses.

“In simple, terms it changed me completely, I’m definitely not the same person. I live with a wider perspective and context of the world and have an appreciation for things.”

Nick has run 972 marathons in his life and completed 60,000 miles in training.

He has since taken on other endurance challenges including 100 marathons in 100 days after leaving his job in finance to change his life.

And funding it, Nick said was the most stressful part of the trip – which may surprise you given the introduction.

Nick, based in Newquay, added: “I changed the course if my life to pursue what I loved – running. Now, we live in a converted van and we travel around doing these various expeditions all over the world sharing the journey with schools and theatres.”

“I have a very empathetic way of looking at the world.”

Nick Butter will take to Warrington

Nick Butter will take to Warrington

He had hundreds of gigs booked before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“I think it’s quite nice to have the contest of Covid now because people have had a little bit of an inkling and perspective of the world being closed down and have realised the fortunes we have of everything being open,” Nick continued.

“It would be nice to have done it immediately because then I would be talking about all of the other trips now but such is life.

“I generally have a nice Q&A from me to the audience just to suss out who I’m speaking to. We do an hour, then have a 20-minute interval, then another hour then we do questions and answers at the end.

“Every event that we have done has gone down pretty well and it’s always a good group of people there that are keen to hear about not just the running but the logistics and travel.”

Tickets can be found here.

Nick has been one an incredible journey

Nick has been one an incredible journey

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