RESIDENTS will be sent new stickers telling them which items can be recycled following complaints over blue bins not being emptied.

As reported earlier this week in the Warrington Guardian, hundreds of residents have not had their blue bins collected over 'contaminated' bins.

Now the town's Liberal Democrats say more information needs to be given to members of the public.

Cllr Ian Marks said: “From talking to the blue bin man who emptied my bin yesterday, I understand that they are under strict instructions to refuse to empty contaminated bins. They open the top and if they see material like crisp packets and polythene bags, they slap a sticker on the bin. I have had complaints from residents asking why their bins have not been emptied.

"I have been walking round looking inside bins with stickers and I can see what the problem is. I understand why this policy is being put into effect because anything that improves the Council’s recycling rate is welcome.

"However, I strongly believe there needs to be much more clarity about the policy otherwise there will be big problems. We need another sticker that explicitly states what common items that are not acceptable in blue bins. As well as crisp packets, confectionary wrappers, polythene bags, gloves worn by carers and polystyrene there will be other items which the bin-men will know about. There is also confusion about whether black plastic food containers should go in a blue bin or not.

"I have written to the council asking them to produce another sticker as a matter of urgency to give clarity to the public.”

A council spokesman said: "“Blue bins that contain items that we do not accept are left unemptied and stickered.

“Unfortunately, the amount of incorrect items in blue bins in Warrington has increased over the last 18 months. We are working with our contractor to make sure that we reduce contamination rates, which has resulted in some bins not being collected recently. We want to remind residents that items we can accept in blue bins include glass bottles and jars, food and drinks cans, plastic bottles, plastic food tubs, drink cartons, paper and cardboard.

“Other items containing plastic and other materials may be recycled elsewhere. For example, plastic bags, wrappers and crisp packets can’t go into blue bins, but they can be recycled in-store at most supermarkets. Our crews only sticker blue bins that contain items that we do not accept, so if a blue bin has not been emptied and it has a red sticker on, please remove any items that are not listed on the sticker.

“We appreciate that when bins aren’t emptied due to being contaminated this can be frustrating, but managing waste that is contaminated is costly both financially and environmentally, and we want to support residents to make sure that our recycling rates are as high as possible.

“We will therefore be printing off new blue bin stickers for all properties in the borough to provide extra guidance with recycling.

“For more information, please visit”