A GREAT Sankey business woman has launched a new service where people can anonymously gift someone a CV – in a bid to ‘promote kindness’.

‘Pay it Forward with Good Copy’ consists of people anonymously paying £60 for a CV for a stranger.

Laura Constantinou, founder of Good Copy, is then able to offer these CVs online with people nominating either themselves or a loved one who may benefit from the confidence of a new CV and the employability advice and support that it brings.

The idea came about after a client of Laura’s who is a ‘huge advocate’ for women in business offered to pay for her own and a stranger’s CV.

Laura, known as Lo, decided an anonymous form would be a great approach to take and received 18 nominations in just one weekend.

Using a random name generator, the winner was a new mum who had fallen on ‘hard times’ due to the pandemic.

The 33-year-old said: “Receiving their new CV paid for by the kindness of a stranger has truly meant the world to them, and promoting this wonderful act of kindness online has since inspired over 20 women to contact me and offer the same!”

Laura launched Good Copy in a bid to empower women, in particular mums, after she was managed out of a previous role when she was on maternity leave.

After being told ‘this is why we hire men,’ Laura made it her mission to arm herself with knowledge and ‘elevate’ her skills to make sure no other mum experienced what she did, or felt how she did.

Now the new Pay it Forward service means Laura can continue to help women in another way.

Picture: Hannah Woods Photography

Picture: Hannah Woods Photography

Since launching the service, the demand has been so significant that Laura has been able to produce two of CVs a week for the last three weeks.

Laura has also received many messages of support from women wanting to get involved – which have been ‘touching’ and ‘inspiring’.

The aim of the service is to promote kindness which is able to be achieved, according to Laura, by putting ‘words into action’.

Laura added: “We see a lot of merchandise, slogans, t-shirts, mugs, Instagram accounts etc promoting #womensupportingwomen – but what does that really mean beyond the hashtag?

“Pay it Forward is the true definition of women supporting women.

“This is the start of a revolution in women really supporting women, and I am so privileged to be able to facilitate it on my Instagram platform.”

One woman who has chosen for the anonymously paid for CV said: “I have always known I needed to work on my CV, but never had the means of confidence to do anything about it.

“I was so thankful to be nominated by my sister and be selected!

“My CV has received the biggest level-up I could have ever expected and has given me the motivation to apply for jobs and kickstart my new career.”

You can find Good Copy on Instagram at @goodcopyUK or can email Laura on deargoodcopy@gmail.com