CHESHIRE Dogs’ Home in Grappenhall has issued advice to dog owners ahead of Bonfire Night and fireworks season.

“Home Manager Anna Stansfield says: “While many people enjoy the festivities this season, it’s important to remember that fireworks can be upsetting or even terrifying for many dogs.

“Where people have puppies or young dogs going into their first fireworks season, we advise carefully supervised exposure from inside the house, with adults and children behaving calmly in front of the dog while fireworks are heard outside.

“Many rescue dogs come with the baggage of already being anxious around fireworks, or with their firework tolerance unknown, and here we advise great caution – those dogs need to kept inside the home whenever there’s a risk of fireworks, not just on Bonfire Night itself and gardens also need to be double checked - even if there’s a fence or wall, a frightened dog could try to bolt over it.

“Some dogs do well with thunder jackets or other snugly fitting body wraps; for others, calming music at a decent volume helps. But many dogs will feel most secure being able to access what they themselves feel is a safe place inside the house, whether that’s under a dressing table, behind an armchair or under a bed.

“We would also urge dog owners to make plans to stay home with their dogs on key nights such as Bonfire Night or New Year’s Eve.

“In the case of dogs showing extreme anxiety around fireworks, veterinary advice is the best course of action.”