“YEARS ago, people used to say ‘go on, entertain me’. Now, you could put a duck tap dancing on the stage and they’d be happy because they are out.”

That is how former Benidorm star Crissy Rock feels about returning to action in Warrington and she can’t wait.

“Not that I have got a duck tap dancing on the street. But I can feel the difference, people are so relieved to be out, entertained and enjoying themselves which brings a whole new freshness,” she added.

Crissy, who played Janey York in the British sitcom Benidorm takes to the Pyramid Arts Centre this Friday, November 5 and will be playing in a town she is a big fan of.

And Crissy, 63, has warned the audience of what to expect.

She said: “It will be a bit naughty. I come on and talk about a woman who is in the autumn years of her life talking about life, the way it is. I have no regrets. And people are like ‘oh, you’re talking about me’.

Crissy’s tales can be identified with and that is why audiences connect with her.

“I think so. I’m every woman that has ever lived, talked and breathed. I remember six subjects for 10 minutes and that’s an hour. “

Crissy, from Liverpool, is more than excited about the show, now that people are keener to come and be entertained.

“I think that was it happening now is that so many people are thinking that the doors are open to enjoy themselves," she continued.

“The only thing that kept my head together during the lockdown as our industry suffered tremendously, was that I wasn’t the only one in the boat. There were lots of other people a lot worse off than myself.

“It’s going to be brilliant for me. I go to think and practice and make sure I do it to the best of my ability. I’m really looking forward to going back.”

Tickets can be found here or call the box office on 442345.