TAKE a first look inside the renovated pub-cum-restaurant with a Mediterranean twist.

Ego at the Green Dragon in Lymm is hosting two charity nights tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday, before opening to the public on Thursday.

And after six weeks of renovations since shutting its doors as a Vintage Inn, James Coldrey-Mobbs, head of marketing at Ego, explains that they cannot wait to be a part of the community.

“It’s really important for us to be a part of the local community and engage with them,” he said.

“We know the name is important to people as out of our sites. Nineteen of our sites are pubs and all are ‘Ego at’ to keep that. It’s important to give back to the community.

“We really can’t wait. Especially after the 18 months we have had. It’s amazing to be opening sites again and getting the energy, the buzz and the excitement. It’s lovely for us to be back up here as we have a lot of regulars here that know us very well.”

Warrington Guardian: One of the changes One of the changes

Warrington Guardian: Inside the former pubInside the former pub

James says the same structure is in place with a hugely different twist.

He continued: “It’s completely different. It’s the same bones and structure, the building has still got all the character that it had.

“We’ve got the beams, the fireplace and the beautiful garden, all of those things are the same but inside it’s important for us when we come in that it’s not just under new management, it’s very much that people go ‘wow, it’s completely changed’.

“The carpet, tables, furniture, fittings, lights, artwork and the bar. The bar is brand new and a big thing for us is putting the hole where the kitchen is so that people can see into the kitchen and I think it’s really important that people can see the chefs working.

“Part of that is because it’s an experience. It’s like the theatre because as a nation we are fascinated by chefs and kitchens so that’s our own theatre.

“It’s important for people to see that their food is cooked fresh from scratch.”

Warrington Guardian: The pub-cum-restaurant has got a modern twistThe pub-cum-restaurant has got a modern twist

Warrington Guardian: The new bar areaThe new bar area

Ego at The Green Dragon is the group’s 24th pub/restaurant after they have been in Stockton Heath for more than a decade.

“Hopefully, a lot of people will know Ego as a brand from the restaurant in Stockton Heath. A lot of customers go there regularly,” James said.

This venture differs from what is on offer in one of Stockton Heath’s cornerstones.

“If they come here and have been to Ego there, on one hand, it will be completely new, it’s very much the Ego concept in a pub but then they get the same food, same menus, same cocktails and the same service experience."

James added: “You can drive here, park here and stay here a bit longer. You can just stay and have a drink if you want

“On a Sunday here, we do a Sunday roast. It would be a crime not to do a Sunday roast in this building, whereas in Stockton Heath we don’t do one as it doesn’t really fit in with the restaurant.”

Warrington Guardian: General manager Jon Mensforth of Ego at The Green DragonGeneral manager Jon Mensforth of Ego at The Green Dragon

General manager Jon Mensforth, who has worked at Ego for 12 years, said: “We can’t wait to be a part of this amazing community.

“It’s fantastic to be opening a restaurant again and we’re really excited to get going, welcome guests back in and give them the food, drink and experience that everyone has come to love about Ego.”

Their charity night will support High Legh Pre School before opening to the public, for which James said ‘quite a lot’ of people are booked in.

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Warrington Guardian: The restaurant now has a Mediterranean twistThe restaurant now has a Mediterranean twist

Warrington Guardian: Ego at The Green Dragon is readyEgo at The Green Dragon is ready