TAKE a look inside the stunning new bar in Bewsey.

This is Blu Bar at the Villaggio Hotel. Formerly a function room, the transformed space has become a modern, attractive bar and is welcoming customers.

“Everything has been changed¸ Chris Spindler, manager of the bar said.

“Everything is brand new from the ceilings to the floor, everything has been redecorated. We have done some work on the bar area. Nothing has been left – everything has been done brand new.

“We’d had really, really good feedback. Everything has been really positive about the food, how chilled out the venue is and the relaxing atmosphere. All the customers have really loved it.”

Chris, who has been involved for eight years, added: “The functions weren’t really working. It wasn’t making its money. So we said ‘what can we do?’ We made it into a nice trendy bar.”

After two months of renovating, it seems like they have a particularly popular element of the bar already.

Jane Clarke, bar staff, said: “Everyone’s been taking photos. As soon as anyone comes in it’s a photo opportunity.

“Opening night was good with The Covertones and slowly day by day, we have been having more and more people and it has been getting busier. Word is getting about now and the food has been going down amazingly with the new chef.

“It’s a complete makeover.”

Owner Choudary Waqar Dhudi said: “Because we have this big place, let’s just convert it into something different.

“I thought ‘let’s open a bar’. Not a pub, a bar. This is an opportunity so I thought ‘why not’?

“It is something to be proud of. All the hard work has paid off and now we just want to tell people that we are here to cater for them.”

They will be providing live entertainment, happy hours and a Sunday club.

The bar can be accessed through the car park at Villaggio’s Hotel.