WARRINGTON South MP Andy Carter has again reiterated calls to scrap the HS2 Golborne link during a parliamentary debate.

The future of the controversial HS2 spur still hangs in the balance amid fears it would have a ‘devastating impact’ on areas to the east of Warrington.

The long-awaited integrated rail plan, due in the coming months, is likely to include recommendations to ministers, while making other key phasing and investment decisions on the HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail routes.

In a recent Westminster Hall debate, Tory Mr Carter re-emphasised the importance of scrapping the link to HS2 minister Andrew Stephenson.

He said: “I look forward to the integrated rail plan, which I am keen to see, with recommendations to scrap the Golborne spur leg, which impacts my constituency.

“It is a £2 billion line that basically goes nowhere. It brings all the pain and no gain to Warrington, so I ask him to prioritise scrapping it.”

Mr Carter added: “Last year the transport secretary hinted that writing was on the wall for the Golborne spur.

“I’ve been lobbying ever since to ensure that remains the case and we can prioritise other connections such as Northern Powerhouse Rail from Liverpool to Manchester via Warrington Bank Quay.

“I’ve always been clear with my constituents that we need to bring modern infrastructure to Warrington in order to improve connectivity and create jobs, but the Golborne link does neither of those things.”

Leader of the Conservative Opposition group, Cllr Kath Buckley, has also commented on the issue.

She said: “We know that scrapping the HS2 Golborne spur will free up around £2 billion which can be invested in better rail links which would benefit people living and working in Warrington, we are making that case very strongly to ministers through our MP.

“Northern Powerhouse Rail will better serve local people who have to travel to Manchester, Leeds and beyond where the alternative method of travelling is likely to be using road links which are heavily congested.

“All of my Conservative councillors along the route in Hollins Green and Culcheth are opposed to the proposed route and stand firmly together in calling for it to be scrapped.”