YOU might have seen the viral video and thought it was lovely.

And if you did, you probably did not know that it involved two men from Warrington.

A Latchford son gifts his dad a customised pair of shoes for his 50th birthday in a beautiful moment just below.

But it is not just any customisation – it is in loving memory of his dog Chelsea, a little blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Karl Chester, whose dad is also called Karl Chester, provided his father with the gift that took 15 hours to make for his birthday and he was overwhelmed.

And the emotional video now has amassed over 3,000,000 views on Lad Bible.

“There is something about a grown man crying that tugs on people’s heartstrings.

“I was crying when I was painting them, there was probably tears mixed into the paint,” Karl, 30 joked.

“It’s nice to see my dad relax, surrender and forget about his surroundings.

“When you see the reaction of people that you’re in a bubble and it is actually quite cool, what you’re doing is a good thing and you’re giving back.”

Karl’s talents come from being an artist at Starline Customs where he customises shoes for a living like the Wire themed Adidas trainers, but they were extra special.

Initially, Karl’s dad did not want Chelsea, as so many father’s don’t, but over time, they became best friends.

The dog was originally the son's for more than four years before his dad took over responsibility and she became his.

Karl, the son, continued: “He could keep her as it has made him a happy guy. It brought out this different aspect of my dad that I didn’t see much so it’s cute.

Warrington Guardian: The pair shared a hug after the thoughtful giftThe pair shared a hug after the thoughtful gift

“It meant the world to him the fact that Chelsea created this shift in his personality after he has not had a dog.”

Karl now has his own dog, Xena, who is in the video and lived with Chelsea for some time, but the former will always have a special place in his heart too.

“She meant a lot to me. She created a lot of memories and funny scenarios. I love her just as much as the dog that I have got now it’s just unconditional love.”