IT is about time our pubs got even more credit.

After the last 18-plus months that they have had to deal contend with, now they are back in good form again, we wanted to let them tell us their story in their own words as part of a Pub of the Week feature.

So, Brodie Savage, general manager of The Feathers on Bridge Street, talks his background, what sets the pub apart, the last 18 months and plans going forward.

Your name and a bit about you:

Brodie Savage, 28. I’m general manager of The Feathers pub since December 2019

I am also originally from Edinburgh.

How long have you been in the pub business?

I grew up around the hospitality trade, watching my grandparents running sports clubs and always loved being able to help out around the bar. I took my first step in hospitality in a busy restaurant kitchen at 15 but decided to work front of house when I reached 18.

Since then I’ve spent my time exploring the industry and growing my experience in all sorts of venues and environments.

Warrington Guardian: The Feathers lit upThe Feathers lit up

What sets you apart from other pubs in the area?

We are a multipurpose venue being a community pub, sports bar, cocktail bar and late-night venue come the weekends so we aim to provide something for everyone.

We also run events like our weekly smartphone quiz in order to continue catering to everyone.

Warrington Guardian: The Feathers drinksThe Feathers drinks

How do you feel your business has dealt with the last 18 months?

The last 18 months have been extremely difficult to navigate. From the initial high of opening three weeks before Christmas to the first lockdown was hard as we were just finding our feet before we had to close.

The same happened in the inter-lockdown period before we lost out on last Christmas so it’s kind of been like starting over in many ways when lockdown was lifted this year.

Despite everything, we’ve never lost sight of what we are trying to achieve and have continued to push the business forward as much as possible in line with the restrictions we’ve faced.

What can you do to bring in even more trade?

The hospitality trade has changed massively over the last 18 months and as such, businesses have had to adapt to changing customer trends and attitudes. We’ve had to do exactly this on some things and have a few things in the pipeline so definitely watch this space!

What’s your own personal favourite tipple and why?

I’m a self-confessed nerd when it comes to drinks so this is a hard one! If I had to pick one, I’d pick a Sazerac – a cocktail originally developed in New Orleans, similar to and Old Fashioned but made with Rye Whiskey, sugar, bitters and a touch of absinthe.

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