A GREAT Sankey teenager wants to bring the rave scene back to Warrington.

Tom Hames, 14, has his eyes set on taking future ravers back in time - a time that many from town will remember fondly from the Mr Smith's days.

“For Warrington the hardcore rave scene, which is the style I’m into, it’s obviously not as prevalent as it was in the early 90s,” the Great Sankey High School pupil said.

“I have always thought it would be good to DJ in Warrington and play that music again which probably doesn’t get played a lot in Warrington nowadays."

Tom, known as DJ Semah, has garnered over three thousand views on his YouTube tracks.

After hearing some of Prodigy’s tracks, he really liked their style and opted for less of the mainstream hardcore rave influences and more of the underground scene.

“That’s what really got me into starting making music in the first place. A lot of the inspiration for my first track came from a lot of the people that I had recently got into," he said.

DJ Semah got put in touch with other DJ’s like DJ Sharkey and producers.


Tom is into his producing as well

Tom is into his producing as well

Using free software on the Internet, when he was satisfied with some of his tracks he sent them to DJ Bashir asking for advice and how he could improve.

Following that he got advice, did an album release for him and DJ Semah feels he has developed lots since then.

He continued: “It’s overwhelming but in a good way. I think ‘oh my gosh’ all these people want to help me. It’s brilliant because I never expected loads of people to help me. I’m just amazed by the help that everyone’s given me.

“I’ve just been on one project after another trying to learn so I’m made up with everything."

DJ Semah, who has come on leaps and bounds in the year that he has been a DJ wants to develop his DJ skills as well as production.

“In a few years I’d like to start my own record label and maybe one day put on a rave in Warrington," DJ Semah added.

“I want to be one of those producers who bring a track out and people just think it’s automatically good. I want to develop enough so I am that established. That’s obviously long-term but in 20 years I would like to develop enough for people to think I’m decent at it at least.”