A RANGE of solutions are being considered to prevent a piece of land in Birchwood from being repeatedly targeted by travellers.

This comes after two separate illegal encampments were reported on land on the corner of Fisherfield Drive and Gorse Covert Road in just over a month.

Conservative councillor Nigel Balding called on the council to install measures at a site to prevent such occurrences from happening in the future.

He says that feedback from residents has suggested the most popular solution is to use landscaping, including trees and earth mounds.

These could be maintained under current maintenance schedules and would make it difficult to access the land with caravans.

Cllr Balding said: “Warrington Borough Council has experts that design and manage these open areas, and they have sadly had to deal with these issues before.

“I am optimistic that a suitable solution can be found which will look nice for residents, and maybe even enhance our local environment.

The site after travellers moved from the site at the end of August

The site after travellers moved from the site at the end of August

“I am looking forward to them reporting back as soon as possible with a proposal.”

He also renewed calls for the council to create a designated travellers’ transit site, which is a long-standing issue in the borough.

He added: “It is so hard to understand why the council is dragging its heels on this.

“It is a very high priority issue for Conservative councillors, and setting a target to provide a transit site for travellers within 12 months was a motion we put to the first full council meeting after the elections in May 2021.”

When asked by the Warrington Guardian whether it is considering installing the modifications recommended, the council responded that it is looking at options.

A spokesman said: “We understand the impact unauthorised encampments can have on local communities and the use of green spaces.

“We are currently looking at appropriate solutions to prevent further access.”