THEATRE is such a big part of so many people’s lives – and that is no different for Encore Productions.

The performing group, based on Mersey Street are finally returning back to the stage after more than 18 months out of the game due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first of their returning shows is on the weekend of October 22 and 23 at Penketh and Great Sankey Conservative Club titled ‘A Big Night Out’.

And secretary Michael Pirks, 37, can barely contain his excitement.

“It’s immensely special. It’s been a very difficult time because we have missed performing so much and we have missed being together – that’s the most important thing.

“We went from a situation where we were regularly seeing each other and performing shows to being trapped in the pandemic – that was very soul-destroying.

“It was also very scary as to whether we would ever be able to get back on stage but times moved on, restrictions have lifted and we wanted to get the members back and get back doing what we do.

“We’ve spent six weeks putting it all together and now the hard work has really paid off. Just to see people on stage, performing and enjoying each other’s company again, it’s brilliant.”


The group will perform A Big Night Out later this month

The group will perform 'A Big Night Out' later this month


Michael, who has been involved with Encore since 2017, was helping to run two productions per year pre-Covid times, and they are aiming to do that again in the long-term but steady steps are required to get there.

In the upcoming show, the first half will involve songs from previous shows including Oliver and Bad Girls where they will celebrate what they have done previously.

The second half is their ‘Encore dream list’ where they will perform songs that they absolutely love.

Michael, based in Padgate, continued: “It is to show off all of our members talents in terms of dancing, singing and performing.

“I want to thank the Encore committee for helping put the show together as well.

“There is no greater release when you are on stage and you get to be someone else for a couple of hours or the banter you have with your cost.

“It is a very important part of my life as it is for a lot of the Warrington community. There is just no feeling like it.”

And for the shows, which takes place between 7.30pm-10pm, tickets can be found here.