INTIMATE dance events with guest DJ’s will return Warrington as organisers want to bring something that hasn’t been seen in the town for a while.

Plasma Events will be bringing headline DJ’s to FC2, starting with Justin Robertson and Paul Bleasdale in action, with Mike Woods supporting with a one-off extended ‘Legends club residents’ set on Friday, October 29.

“We’re trying to bring what we did in Manchester to Warrington because we feel Warrington is lacking a regular club night that brings guest DJ’s to the town in varied line ups”, event promoter and resident in the town Simon Simpson, said.

“With Covid and people not having a chance to get out, we feel that doing a regular event in Warrington is bringing something fresh to the town.”

Simon and joint promoter Ian Fellows believe the night should appeal to anyone who likes quality classic house from the Legends nightclub days as well as techno and trance from the Superclub era.

Simon, 39, added: “We stopped doing it in Manchester and thought we would give it a go in Warrington as we feel there is nothing in Warrington that caters for varied line-ups how it used to be.

“We thought we would try and book varied guests and bring them to the town.

Have previously ran a ‘Thrillseekers’ event will Paul Bleasdale which went down really well, they are hoping to replicate their good form.

“We feel seeing a DJ in an intimate setting as opposed to a huge production at a festival is what the night is all about,” Simon, 39, who has been promoting for five years, added.

“We’re offering something different, intimate and up close and personal.”

Organisers are planning further following up nights with a fresh varied line up each time at FC2 bring headline guest DJ’s to the town at each event.

Tickets are available here.