WE knew tickets would fly off the online shelves – but did we think it would be that quick?

Rick Astley's gig with Blossoms where they will perform The Songs of The Smiths is said to have sold out in a matter of seconds.

Newton music legend Rick, a huge fan of The Smiths, made an appearance with the band on stage in London on Monday night.

And tickets for the two shows - including one at the Albert Hall in Manchester on Friday, October 8 – has all been picked up before many fans could get their hands on one.

One fan took to Twitter to say it only took 10 seconds to sell out, while another said it took 24 seconds for them to be left ticketless.

Another said it was less than the eight minutes initially suggested, as they explained how the Manchester gig said ‘tickets unavailable’ after just 45 seconds.

Martin Palmer replied: “I was there within five seconds, selected tickets and then apparently lost them because I didn't identify all the squares containing a staircase quick enough. Brutal!"

Another fan, Richard Vadon, added: “Easily under a minute.”

Tickets being picked up so soon and then appearing on resale sites has left many fans frustrated.

The original price was £38.50 including a booking fee, yet Viagogo has tickets for the Manchester gig starting at £140.

One fan, Ste, said: “Zero tickets at 9.30 for Manchester. But on resale at 9.32 for £120. Real fans are being priced out."

Mick Cuffe added: “It's turning into a scam now the way they sell tickets for gigs.”