WARRINGTON is in ‘full austerity mode’ because of budget cuts, says the deputy council leader.

The council’s finances were discussed during the cabinet meeting at the Town Hall on Monday.

Cllr Hans Mundry, cabinet member for transportation, highways and public realm, said: “I get a bit confused with this because I think a Conservative Prime Minister some years ago announced that austerity has ended.

“Why are people in Warrington still having these austerity cuts enforced upon them?

“It’s the people of Warrington having less money or less resources to be spent on them due to the Conservative Government continually putting cuts on local authorities like Warrington.

“It’s the people who suffer and it’s the Conservative Government who are imposing cuts on the people’s funding.

“If austerity’s finished, why are cuts still being imposed on the people of Warrington?”

Deputy council leader Cllr Cathy Mitchell said it is ‘full austerity mode here’.

She added: “All local authorities across the board have lost 60 pence in the pound during the last decade of Conservative Government.

“If you look at the situation in Warrington, we’re one of the most poorly funded, by Government, councils in the country.

“And then they ask why we have to do things to try and raise a little bit more income – and it’s because we’re trying to protect the services that people in this town need.

“It’s crucial that we do that, those are our values as a Labour administration.

“Obviously if it was a Conservative administration they would just pass on those cuts to people and you’d just get a lot less than you get now.”

The cabinet meeting on Monday was webcast live following the council’s investment in live-streaming technology for meetings.

The new broadcasting solution will initially be used for cabinet and development management committee meetings that take place at the Town Hall.