FOUR Priestley College students went the distance as part of the Tour of Britain celebrations in Warrington.

The public service pupils, along with tutor Paul Mackinnon, cycled 100 miles between them to match the day’s goal for the professional cyclists.

Former Sir Thomas Boteler pupil Declan Mills, who also studies criminology, said the toughest part was dealing with an uncomfortable bike seat.

He said: “When we saw the cyclists ride past us it was quite inspiring, especially the ones at the back because even though they didn’t finish first they still kept their head up and carried on.”

For the Priestley students, the goal was simply to complete the challenge.

Among them was Yasmin Karkin, a former pupil at Weaverham High, who said seeing the professionals cycle past their base near the Golden Gates was ‘inspiring’.

She said: “It was totally thrilling and everyone was cheering and happy.

“It felt great honestly to be involved – like we were a part of something.”

Former Cardinal Newman RC High School pupil Alfie Shaw said the heat made the challenge even tougher.

He was also inspired by what the competitors achieved.

“It was pretty cool knowing they had been cycling well over 100km that day and had been doing so all week. It showed me how far you can go with determination,” he said.