‘NO Deal Peel’ was chanted in its numbers today, Monday, at a peaceful protest at Warburton Toll Bridge.

Seventeen residents, including councillors, lined Warburton Bridge Road to chant and display banners to show their dismay about the proposed toll bridge increase from 12p up to £1 including VAT, with discounts for local residents and frequent users.

‘Scrap the tolls’ was also aired in support the of cause, with banners such as ‘Peel are pirates’, ‘What has happened to the money you had?’ and ‘Peel putting profit and pollution first’ held.

And the noise and placards were enjoyed by drivers who honked and put thumbs up to the protest in support.

“It’s a wonderful, cross political, peaceful protest organised and spurred on by the local community. Everybody wants this to go,” said Councillor Kath Buckley (CON – Lymm).

“All political parties are involved against this. We’re all in this together and everybody wants this sorted.”

Warrington Guardian: The group protesting by the Warburton toll about the proposed price increaseThe group protesting by the Warburton toll about the proposed price increase

For Cllr Buckley, the price increase is just one of the reasons she would like to see the tolls scrapped.

She added: “I’d like the toll scrapped, full stop. Certainly not the hike up to one pound, it's a 700 per cent increase all of sudden. Whenever the toll isn’t in place, there is a free flow of traffic and nobody has got a problem.

“It affects people’s lives in this community. You’ve got the stress of trying to get over when there are big queues, the air pollution and the price increase.

“For the average commuter, it’ll be £500 on to their journey.

“It’s affecting all of this area, it affects Warrington, Rixton, Woolston, Warburton and Lymm.”