A SERIAL offender who poked a knife through his neighbour’s letterbox and charged at his mum while brandishing a broken glass has been jailed.

Alan Reid turned on the Good Samaritans after they attempted to stop him from dishing out a sickening beating to his girlfriend, who had only just been discharged from a stay in hospital.

The 50-year-old, who has a staggering 61 previous convictions for 130 offences, was locked up for 27 months on Thursday, July 22.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the defendant’s partner was released from hospital on June 13 after spending three days as an inpatient, having taken an overdose.

They then spent the evening drinking vodka and orange juice at their flat on Winmarleigh Street in the town centre, the pair having been in a ‘toxic’ relationships for a few months.

But Reid ‘became abusive’ and told her that she was ‘his and no-one else’s’.

At around 2am on June 14, she went to leave the apartment but her boyfriend followed her and pushed her to the floor.

She was then threatened with a smashed glass, had a clump of her hair ripped out and was kicked to the ribs several times – causing her to black out.

The ‘vulnerable’ victim later required hospital treatment, and although she did not suffer any broken bones she was left with two black eyes and bite marks on her cheek as well as bruising to her neck.

An occupant of a neighbouring property intervened after hearing ‘shouting and screaming’ and saw her being dragged around by her hair in the communal hallway.

Reid, who was described in court as ‘acting like a savage animal’, told him ‘f*** off you n*****’.

The neighbour then took her into his flat for her safety, but 45 minutes later the attacker returned and attempted to force his way into the address and called him a ‘fat useless n*****’.

She decided to return to her own home as she feared she was endangering the resident, at which point she discovered that her partner had smashed a hole in a wall between the two units.

Reid appeared at his door again 10 minutes later shouting ‘give me a fag now, I’m going to stab you, I will f***ing kill you, I don’t like black people, you’re a n*****’.

The dad-of-three then poked a knife through the letterbox and waved it around.

At roughly 4.15am, the neighbour’s mum arrived at the scene.

But Reid ran at her brandishing the broken beer glass as she entered the apartment, shouting ‘you f***** black b******, I’m going to stab you’.

The assailant swung the weapon at her, but she used a stick to defend herself and managed to get into the flat and close the door.

Reid continued to shout ‘I’m going to stab you, you f***ing black b******s’.

After being arrested, he claimed under interview to be ‘supportive of Black Lives Matter’.

He was out in the community on licence at the time of the attack, having been jailed for six months in January for possession of a bladed article in a public place.

A statement read out to the court on behalf of Reid’s girlfriend, who has suffered abuse in previous relationships, said: “What he did to me was awful, on top of everything I have been going through.

“He said he would look out for me, but he did the opposite and beat me up.

“I want him to understand that this is not ok, and I don’t want him to contact me again.

“It seems as though everyone I meet abuses me rather than loving me like a partner should.”

The neighbour had only been living in Warrington for around three months at the time of the incident, and had spent around £1,000 on improvements to his home.

He has since left the property.

A victim impact statement read out on his behalf said: “My new flat had started to feel like home, but little did I know it was not safe – it was a place for drugs users and alcoholics.

“However, I never thought I would be subjected to racism and hate.

“I tried to do the right thing and step in to stop someone from getting hurt.”

The court also heard a statement from his mum, which added: “The more time goes by, the more I think about it and how serious it was – I never expected to be confronted by a male with a weapon.

“I know I’m lucky not to have been seriously injured, but I don’t feel lucky.

“I’m struggling to sleep because I keep replaying what happened in my head at night.”

Reid, who appeared via video link to prison, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm, racially-aggravated affray and racially-aggravated assault during an earlier hearing.

Defence barrister Cheryl Mottram told the court that her client was ‘remorseful’, and was ‘disgusted’ with the racist abuse he had spewed on the night in question.

He has enrolled on maths and English courses while in custody, and hopes to work in the building trade upon his release.

She added: “He has a terrible record and has been in and out of the courts over the years.

“He is reaching an age where he is now determined that this will be his last visit to these courtrooms and move on with his life.”

Reid will serve half of his sentence in custody before being released on licence.

He was also handed an indefinite restraining order preventing him from contacting his ex, and was told to pay a victim surcharge.

Sentencing, judge Anil Murray said: “You clearly recognise that this has to be an immediate custodial sentence.

“You had a bad record going back more than 30 years and you have been to prison lots of times.

“This was a shocking incident – you acted in a violent, racist, frightening and unrestrained way.

“She had been in hospital – she was vulnerable, and you knew that.

“You lost your temper and attacked her, you racially abused your neighbour in a terrible way and threatened to kill him, you put a knife through his letterbox, you racially abused his mum and swung a broken glass at her.”