Sean has lived with foster carers Pam and Norman since the age of seven, when they became his long-term carers and are now simply mum and dad.

The couple supported Sean’s aspirations to follow his dreams and become an actor when the teenager played the Grinch in a Christmas play in year 11 at high school.

Sean, who is now 25, said: “I’d never been that interested in drama before but I fell in love with the audience interaction during that performance and I chose to study it for A-Level.

“I then went on to do acting at City of Liverpool College and began working with a theatre company based in Ellesmere Port.

“I was working full-time too and, despite being over 18 and no longer officially a ‘child in care’, Pam and Norman continued to back me and encouraged me to aim high.

“They supported me financially, listened to me endlessly reciting my lines and sat through all of my performances - even the Shakespeare ones.

“Shakespeare is a passion of mine but definitely not their cup of tea!’

In 2017, Sean had the opportunity to discuss his acting journey and his passion for the arts with BAFTA award-winning actor and former Dr Who star Peter Capaldi.

The duo met at a Coram Voices event, a creative writing competition for children and young people in care, which Peter has been hosting for the past six years.

Sean came third with his piece An Unintentional Gift and he spent ten minutes chatting with his idol - an opportunity he would never have encountered had he not been in care.

The following year, Sean took the lead role in Foster4’s first advert, airing as part of the campaign Could You Open Your Door? and narrated and starred in the ad.

In 2019, Sean graduated with a first class degree in theatre and performance, with his dissertation centred on a performance he created called Fostered - something he described as a “raw and real” insight into being in care.

Sean is due to start his training as a secondary school drama teacher in September and is continuing to develop his performance pieces, with aspirations of recording a performance of Fostered and promoting it nationally.

Could you be a long-term foster carer?

Long-term fostering or permanent fostering is an unfamiliar concept for many people but can be the perfect option for those who wish to welcome a child or young person into their family.

It gives youngsters the stability of regular family life until they reach the age of 18 and beyond.

It often means welcoming someone as an important member of the family, keeping them safe and providing a secure home life while helping them to maintain relationships with their birth families.

This can also include parents, grandparents and siblings and is important to the wellbeing as well as promoting their identity.

It can be an excellent alternative for anyone looking into adoption or wanting to start their family and can also be an option for people who already have a family of their own.

Could you become long-term carers like Pam and Norman?

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