HOTLY-TIPPED band The Racket are to play a Warrington show at FC2 in Barbauld Street.

Warrington Music [WAM] will be hosting its first indoor live music event since Covid rules lifted on Friday, August 13.

It is rather fitting that The Racket are headlining the gig as they were the last band to play at its sister bar next door, Friars Court, before Covid hit.

The indie rock band are a four-piece from Widnes.

They have quickly built a fanbase since 2016 and have supported artists such as Louis Berry, Cast, Lottery Winners and Twisted Wheel.

Releasing two singles already this year through Allo Records Label, the latest single, ‘I Need More’ shows a softer, more melodic side to the band's 'powerful, working-class storytelling'.

Lee Harman, from [WAM], said: "It's a terrible shame that the last venue I held an event in (Man and the Echo at The Auction Rooms) is no longer around, having been sold for apartments.

"Now in FC2, there is a music venue which can once again bring in fantastic touring bands and Warrington talent. The venue can fit 200 people and we really feel these lads can fill it and set the bar for future events"

But Lee understands some will be reluctant to step back out into live events given a spike in coronavirus cases.

He added: ""Understandably there's a degree of hesitancy from many which is understandable. This is the second event we have announced after reaching stage four in the roadmap and our first one is exceeding all expectations in terms of ticket sales. We can't wait to experience music again, because it's one of the greatest things to unite us."

Tickets are £6 on and includes free entry to Asylum club night once the gig has ended.