THE town centre's first craft beer shop has closed after less than four months at Warrington Market.

Batch Bottlestore opened in early April and will shut permanently after Saturday.

The independent business is run by Chris Bardsley and Will Brown who originally launched Batch in Altrincham in May 2019.

They will continue to run the Altrincham shop and bar as well as the neighbouring deli but said they were willing to admit that being at the Time Square market was not working for them.

In a statement on social media, Chris and Will said: "It is with regret that we have made the decision to leave Warrington Market and our final day will be this Saturday.

"To be frank, this isn't working for us here and we feel too much would have to change for it to work for us.

"We aren't too proud to admit when something isn't working for us. Sure, it's a bit of a kicker but we'll chalk it down to some lessons learnt.

"We'll regroup and concentrate our energy in Altrincham for the time being. Big thanks to everyone who shopped with us."

Batch Warrington offered around 200 lines of craft beer cans, bottles and sharing bottles.