THE family and friends of a loving mum who sadly died after developing cancer have raised more than £18,000 in her memory.

Claire Young passed away on February 1 aged only 42, after being given the devastating diagnosis of incurable stage four bowel cancer.

The mum-of-two, who grew up in Sankey Bridges but moved to Manley, was misdiagnosed with a food intolerance for two years prior, despite fears that she had the tell-tale signs of cancer.

She leaves behind husband Bobby, sons Bobby Jr (six) and Ollie (one) and sister Joanne Gill.

After learning that she had cancer, Claire’s biggest wish was for her friends and family to raise awareness of bowel cancer and misdiagnosis in young people.

Claire Young with husband Bobby and sons Bobby Jr and Ollie

Claire Young with husband Bobby and sons Bobby Jr and Ollie

One way they decided to do this was to complete a sponsored walk from her Manley home to Delamere Forest and back.

Donations are still being received, but the walk has so far raised more than £7,400 for the charity Bowel Cancer UK.

This is on top of the £10,800 raised by other efforts, meaning around £18,200 has been accumulated to help raise cancer awareness since Claire’s passing.

Claire’s sister Jo Gill, who helped to organise the event, said: “The whole day was amazing, from everyone that helped to bring it all together to the end. We were all blown away at the love and support.

“At one point I stood still looking around at everyone there and was in shock to see mine and Claire’s life in one field, from people we went to nursery with, grew up with, worked with, met when we had our boys and people that had never met Claire, but had been touched by what has happened and want to bring her wish true to help beat this.

Jo and her son Alfie during the walk

Jo and her son Alfie during the walk

“It was such an overwhelming feeling, but I think it was amazing for our boys to see everyone come together for Claire.

“We cannot believe how much we have managed to raise, and I think Claire would be so amazed at all the hard work, support and love that everyone has shown to bring her wish to raise awareness and change the protocols around bowel cancer in young people a reality.

While the vast majority of the money will be going to Bowel Cancer UK, a small amount has been put aside to create a memory garden for Claire’s boys, which she designed with her and Jo’s uncle Anthony before she passed away.

“She went through her favourite flowers and plants that she would like there and helped in the design. This will be in the orchard one of Claire’s favourite places at her home,” Jo continued.

“The idea came when a friend asked if we would be creating a memorial for Claire, and we thought it would be a lovely thing that everyone that has helped can feel part of.”

Children and staff at Cinnamon Brow Pre-school raised £200 through a raffle

Children and staff at Cinnamon Brow Pre-school raised £200 through a raffle

As well as the walk, children and staff at Cinnamon Brow Pre-school raised £200 through a raffle, and Claire and Jo’s stepsister, who lives in Australia, did her own sponsored walk with her friends.

“It was overwhelming to know they also want to show their support,” Jo added.

“Everyone said on the day they cannot wait to see how next year’s walk turns out, and they gave amazing ideas and offers of help to make it even bigger and better.

“We hope to continue with other events such as the August Brew Together for Bowel Cancer UK, and we will be holding a tea party at Claire’s house.”

More information will be announced in due course via the Miles for Claire Facebook page.

Donations can still be made, and if you would like to do so, visit