UNFORTUNATELY, all good things come to an end.

That includes the weather and the July heatwave is well upon us with Warrington residents soaking up the sun across the beauty spots in the area.

And with the weather has come the UK's first ever amber warning for extreme heat, issued by the Met Office.

Temperatures across the very high 20s have put swimming and sunbathing enthusiasts on top of the world, but how long will it last for according to the Met Office?

Well, in Warrington, today (Tuesday), Wednesday and Thursday are still due to be in the high 20s and very hot, on Friday, the temperature moves to the mid-20s.

Saturday is due to cool off a bit with some potential rain in the back end of the week.

So, here is this weeks weather forecast for Warrington:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are all set to be scorchers with highs of 29 °C and 28 °C. Friday it lessens slightly to highs of 25 °C and  it will still be 24 °C at 7pm – enjoy trying to sleep.

It is set to cool off on the weekend with cloudy weather changing to sunny intervals by lunchtime on Saturday. Even still highs of 21 °C are expected.

And on Sunday, there are chances of rain within a cloudy morning which changes to sunny intervals. At 4pm and 7pm there are 40 and 60 per cent chances of rain – back to reality.

For the rest of the north west, it is set to be fine, dry and the very warm conditions are set to continue, with further details below.


A Met Office spokesperson said: “Any early low cloud or fog will soon clear through the morning, leaving another fine and dry day with plenty of sunshine. Some fair-weather clouds will bubble up during the afternoon. It will feel very warm, hot in places, with a maximum temperature of 29 °C.”


“It is staying dry overnight, with most seeing clear skies throughout. Easternmost areas will see some low cloud through the early hours, with hill fog over the Pennines. It will be feeling warm, with a minimum temperature of 14 °C.”


“There will be low cloud and fog clear through the morning, with plenty of sunshine to follow. Some fair-weather clouds and the odd, very isolated shower may develop later. It will be feeling hot again, with a maximum temperature of 29 °C,” they continued.

Outlook for Thursday to Sunday

“Fine and largely dry conditions will continue through this period with plenty of sunshine and some isolated showers. It will be turning cloudier on Friday and Saturday and it will be feeling very warm with light winds.”