RESIDENTS at a care home in Burtonwood were treated to an ice cream in yesterday’s hot weather.

The manager of Rosevilla Residential Home, Peter Nesarajah, treated all staff and residents to an ice cream after staff organised an ice cream van to come to the home.

Despite not having a single coronavirus case in 2020, this year proved difficult for staff, residents and families at Rosevilla so the ice creams were enjoyed all around.

Peter said: ‘‘With this weather and the changing rules, where we are slowly creeping back to normality, I felt like it was a great opportunity to give the residents a treat and to evoke some memories of times gone by.

‘‘Our staff also were treated to an ice cream and everyone enjoyed it immensely, feeling social once more.

‘‘We had a good few comments on our Facebook page with one of our families commenting that it was lovely to see.’’