RESIDENTS in one of Warrington’s least Covid vaccinated areas will receive extra encouragement to boost take-up rates.

Bewsey and Whitecross has the town’s second lowest proportion of residents fully vaccinated against Covid at 56.6 per cent, compared to Appleton, where 85.3 per cent of residents aged 16 and over have received both vaccine doses.

Door knocking and leaflet distribution will be carried out in the area by a Surge Rapid Response Team on behalf of Warrington Borough Council over the weekend.

The team will be encouraging uptake of the vaccine, directing eligible people to available vaccine clinics and supporting people to book their vaccination online.

This is part of a wider effort to urge all Warrington residents to get vaccinated, either by booking an appointment or attending one of the drop-in sessions taking place across the borough.

All adults aged 18 and over are now able to get their Covid vaccinations, which are being offered at Warrington Hospital, local GP-led vaccination centres, pharmacy provisions and larger mass vaccination sites.

You can book an appointment for your first and second dose at a local vaccination site or attend a public drop-in session, while second dose appointments are being offered eight weeks after first doses.

Dr Laura Mount, Warrington GP and clinical director of the Central and West Warrington Primary Care Network which delivers vaccinations at Orford Jubilee Hub, encouraged everyone to receive a vaccine.

“While local uptake of Covid vaccines is high, there is a still over 10 per cent of adults in Warrington who have not yet had at least one dose of the vaccine,” she said.

“The more people that are double jabbed against the virus, the safer and healthier our local communities will be.

Warrington Guardian:

“Even if it has been a little while since you were invited for your Covid-19 vaccine, it is not too late to come forward and have it.

“Orford Jubilee Hub is one of many local venues where you can still get your jab and our staff are always happy to discuss any questions you may have.

“Please remember that having both doses of the vaccine is the best way to protect you, your family and friends from the virus.”

Public drop-in sessions are taking place throughout July at Warrington Hospital, Orford Jubilee Hub and Bewsey Covid Vaccination Centre.

The hospital’s drop-in clinic is based in the Appleton Wing and is running today, Friday, and tomorrow between 9am and 3pm, and on Sunday between 1pm to 3pm.

If you would prefer to book a specific time for a first dose appointment instead, please visit the online booking service at

Orford Jubilee Hub is running a drop-in session for first and second doses of the Astra Zencea and Pfizer BioNTech vaccines on Tuesday, July 20, from 1pm to 5pm and Wednesday, July 21, from 4pm to 7.30pm.

The clinic is also open for vaccines on Wednesday, July 28, between midday and 8pm, and on Friday, July 30, from 4pm to 8pm.

Drop-in sessions at the pharmacy led Bewsey Covid Vaccination Centre will be held tomorrow, Thursday, July 22, and Saturday, July 24 – all between 10.15am and 4.45pm.

If you wish to receive your jab, please bring your NHS number with you. If you do not know your NHS number, you can find it on any appointment letter you may have received from the NHS, or you can find it online at

Warrington Guardian:

If you are unable to find your NHS number, please attend a drop-in session as you are still eligible for a vaccine.

Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, the council’s cabinet member for public health and wellbeing, said: “Coronavirus has not gone away just yet and case numbers remain high in Warrington.

“As more restrictions are set to ease, having both doses of the vaccine really is the best defence against Covid-19.

“The vaccination programme in Warrington has been a huge success so far and the range of settings that the vaccine has been delivered from is testament to the collaborative, whole-system approach in Warrington.

“Now we have entered the final phase, I would urge everyone to get their jab as soon as they are able to – alongside remembering the basics of hands, face, space, and fresh air, and regular community testing – as it offers the best protection as we learn to live with the virus.”

Thara Raj, Warrington’s director of public health, added: “Over the coming weekends, we will be checking those eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination have received information and signposting to upcoming vaccination clinics.

“We do not want to just sit back and assume that those eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination got a text or letter, as the vaccine gives you the best protection against coronavirus.

“We have had a hugely successful vaccination programme which has weakened the link between infection of risk of hospitalisation and loss of life.

“Unfortunately, the rise in Covid-19 infections will affect our unvaccinated children and teenagers, those who have not been vaccinated either due to personal choice or another medical reason, or those who have been vaccinated but fall within the lower percentage of people who are not protected.”