IT will be a tense moment for the nation on Sunday night when we take on Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

Football fans will be at the edge of their seats when England attempts to win its first major football tournament since 1966.

But it will be even more of an interesting situation for one Thelwall family as they attempt to avoid falling out by cheering for both teams.

Couple Piero and Emma Belmonte will be watching the game with their kids Luca, 11, and Alfie, five, and Piero's dad Vittorio.

Piero's side of the family is from Italy and Vittorio lived in Avellino in Campania before moving to England in the 1960s.

But loyalty to your homeland runs deep meaning Vittorio definitely wants Italy to win while Piero is a bit conflicted. Meanwhile, his English wife Emma is very much cheering on Gareth Southgate's 11.

Piero said: "We’re all going to be watching it together but it’s kind of a win-win. We can celebrate either way.

"I’ve seen Italy win more than their fair share so I really want England to win but I can’t say that out loud near my dad. That’s the only trouble!"

It is a similar situation for Piero and Emma's kids.

Emma said: "Luca’s got an England shirt and the little one’s got an Italy shirt so we’re hedging our bets."

Piero added: "Luca has been playing since he was four so he’s the football mad one. At the back of his mind he wants England to win but when he’s near his granddad he’s very much like: ‘I want Italy to win nonno (Italian for granddad)’.

"He’s trying to please everyone but he’s secretly rooting for England."

Whatever the result, Piero and Emma, who have been married for 13 years, have both been inspired by the way the Euro 2020 has brought the nation together after all the challenges of the pandemic.

Piero said: "My dad has lived here since he was 17. It is very much his adopted country since the 1960s so he wouldn’t be too unhappy if England won.

"Even though he is supporting Italy, being in England he’s seen how it’s brought everyone together after the year we’ve had.

"I don’t think he’d begrudge us a win but I have to look over my shoulder every time I say something like that."

Piero, who runs Piero Belmonte Photography with Emma in Suez Street, added: "We have a photography studio and in the last week in work it’s been a really nice to have a different topic of conversation other than Covid.

"All of a sudden it’s: ‘Have you seen the game? Are you looking forward to the final?’"