FIVE baby robins were found in a nest in the chassis of a car after a 200 mile journey.

The driver had travelled from Scotland to Warrington before he discovered the nest.

He heard chirping when he parked up so went to investigate and was shocked to find the baby robins sitting in a nest.

After alerting the RSPC, the driver took the baby birds to the animal welfare charity’s centre near Nantwich.

Lee Stewart, centre manager at Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre, said: ‘‘They had endured a 200 mile journey but seemed quite happy albeit hungry and slightly dehydrated from their travels.

‘‘Sadly mum had been left behind.”

The robins, who were found on June 23, were given hydration fluids on arrival at the centre and are now being fed by dedicated staff on a special formula.

Once they are old enough they will be released back into the wild.

Lee added: “We have had birds found in nests in some very unusual places and it is not the first time they have been found in a car.

“Recently a nest of wood mice was also discovered in a car during a service as a mechanic went to change the pollen filters at a garage in Derbyshire.

“The mice were brought to be rehabilitated here at Stapeley Grange and have since been released back into the wild.’’

For more information about what to do if you find a baby bird struggling visit the RSPCA website.