A FAMILY from Warrington were reunited with their pet after she ran away and was hit by a car.

Milly the Jack Russel was missing for three days before she was found on the road side badly injured in a pool of blood.

Police rescued the 14 year old dog and rushed her to the Vets Now Liverpool clinic where staff battled to save her life when it looked likely she would die.

Sarah Courtney, principal nurse manager, said: “Milly was in a critical state when she came in and the prognosis really wasn’t good.

‘‘She had head and chest wounds and it looked like she might not survive the night.

“But she did and, thankfully, she was stable enough for a vet to treat her injuries the following day.

“As the week went on she got stronger and stronger and every member of staff involved in Milly’s care was amazed at her strength and determination to survive.”

Although Milly was microchipped, her owners Julie and Terry Karalius could not initially be contacted due to an issue with the details.

It meant the Warrington couple had no idea where she was and had sleepless nights fearing the worst.

They were able to find their beloved pet after a staff member at the clinic posted her details on a local lost and found page.

Warrington Guardian: Milly has made a remarkable recoveryMilly has made a remarkable recovery

Julie, Milly’s owner, is urging all owners to ensure their pet’s microchip information is accurate and up to date.

She said: ‘‘We don’t know why Milly’s microchip didn’t have our correct details as we had it done at our vets.”

“It’s a real mystery but we were able to confirm the microchip number and that led to us being told she was at Vets Now.

“She was still dozy from the surgery, but it was amazing to see her again and very tearful when the staff brought her out.

‘‘They were so lovely and caring and I can’t thank Vets Now enough for everything they did when it looked hopeless.”

Milly was given further checks and ongoing care at her local vets and has made a remarkable recovery.

Julie added: “She’s just like the old Milly other than the fact she is a bit clingy, which is understandable.

“I’d just urge everyone to get their dog microchipped and check that all the details are right as we’d hate someone to go through what we did.”