HOW often do you hear about 97-year-olds throwing some shapes in an inflatable nightclub?

Well, at Keate House Residential Home, that was exactly what was happening in support of their annual pride event.

An inflatable nightclub with music through the decades was the centrepiece for residents to enjoy and real back the years with their moves.

“The residents had an absolute ball and didn’t want to go in. They were dancing, they were loving it, absolutely loving it because they had games as well,” said Rachel Entwistle, who works at the house.

“It’s the priority to keep spirits high. We have activities throughout the home constantly, we’re always doing and planning things, but obviously we can’t do massive stuff like that very often.

“We just felt it was so important that everything was inclusive.”

This is the second year the event has been run and once again it has been a fantastic hit.

One gentleman at the house said: “I’m not doing bad, am I? Dancing in a nightclub at 97!”

Fellow staff member Cameron Rowe added: “We’re always looking for new ways that we can bring in certain events and holidays for residents to enjoy so we found that with it being pride month we could integrate that into Keate House promoting equality, inclusion and diversity.

“It’s great when you can see the benefit it has on their own mental health and wellbeing so it’s a win-win all around really.”

The sun was shining as residents enjoyed a BBQ along with activities and costumes prepared by the staff.

Keate House now looks forward to ‘Keate’s Fest’ in August.

“After the year we have had, it was so important to come together, to create smiles and to show that life can start to become a little more normal,” Keate House’s Care Manager Diane Clarkson said.

“To celebrate pride month at Keate House is always an important event for us, along with celebrating the wonderful care our staff provide every day. The day really shows how wonderful our family is at Keate House, and the pride festivals always create great memories that Keate House cherishes.”