CAMPAIGNERS fighting a proposed housing development next to the M62 have described the scheme as a ‘fortress’.

An application for planning permission submitted to Warrington Borough Council by Surrey-based L2 Property Ltd seeks consent for 27 homes on farmland off Mill Lane in Houghton Green.

But a number of villagers have raised concerns over the proposals, which they say will make the lives of prospective new residents ‘unbearable’.

They have objected to what has been dubbed the ‘Fortress Development’ due to its proximity to the motorway and a major high pressure gas pipe, with worries over air and noise pollution.

The nature of the 15 three-storey town houses and 12 two-storey detached homes will also ‘destroy the character of the village’ and result in an increase in traffic, they also say.

Warrington Guardian:

One current resident, Margaret Steen, said: “We have steam coming out of our ears.

“We have given this proposal a nickname of the Fortress Development, because that’s exactly what it will look like.

“This planning application is proposing a 6m fence along the motorway, and also several of the new homes will have 3.5m boundary walls.

“The normal garden fence height is 1.8m, so it’s easy to imagine how gross two garden fences on top of each other will be.

“Kids will grow up deaf and asthmatic, courtesy of greedy developers.”

Campaigners also say that a second phase of related development is planned behind the nearby Plough pub.

The plot subject to the current plans previously housed White House Farm, which was demolished in the 1970s in order to make way for the M62.

Similar proposals were scrapped in February following a string of objections from residents.

Another opponent, Wendy Johnson-Taylor, added: “We always knew the developer would bounce back for a second bite of the cherry, it was no surprise.

“The surprise is just how much property has been squeezed into such a tiny plot, and this plot will be even smaller to accommodate the gas mains constrictions and highway condition measures that must be in place to try to safeguard against noise and air pollution.

“We know just how noisy the M62 really is.

“The other surprise is that there are hundreds of residents who will be affected by this development and haven’t been notified.

“For instance, I only live around the corner, I objected to the first application and yet I have not been notified about this.

“I realise that the authorities do just the bare minimum required with regards to publicity, but it is not acceptable.

“There have been many complaints from locals and many comments on social media.

“People are not happy.”

A consultation on the plans is ongoing.