I VISITED Tesco on Winwick Road on Tuesday night, and wondered if I had missed a memo.

Everywhere I looked, there were maskless shoppers.

In pretty much every aisle there was a bare face to be seen.

Most culprits, I would guess, were in their 30s.

But there were certainly defiants of all ages.

Had I misheard Boris Johnson during his announcement the previous evening, and he had in fact lifted coronavirus restrictions early?

I scurried home to recheck the news and no, our Covid independence day had been postponed for a month as I had first thought.

Now, say what you like about the strength of evidence over how effective masks are at preventing the spread of the virus.

But to me, wearing one is an act of common courtesy.

I’m showing you the respect to take whatever steps I can to prevent myself from passing Covid-19 – a disease which could kill you, regardless of your age or general state of health – on to you.

Why shouldn’t you show the same respect back?

Remember, one in three people with coronavirus do not display any symptoms.

And being vaccinated isn’t a cast iron guarantee that you won’t catch it.

So please, treat other people with respect get your mask back on.


I WENT to Tesco Extra on Winwick Road this morning.

I got my trolley, sprayed the handle, sanitised my hands.

I watched other people while I was doing this and was shocked at the number of people who didn’t do the same.

They just got their trolleys and off they went.

Please carry on doing what we’ve done for so long.

What is it that makes people think we’re safe?

We’re not.

It makes you wonder why cases are rising in this town.