HUNDREDS of people queued for their coronavirus vaccine at Safety Central in Lymm tonight.

Warrington’s vaccination team were at the Cliff Lane building between 4-7pm with vaccines offered on a first come, first served basis.

To avoid any vaccine wastage, the jabs were available to anyone aged 18 or over who has not already had their first Covid jab.

So many people wanted the jab in fact, that the queuing time was around 45 – 60 minutes between 4pm and 5pm.

One Lymm resident, Mira Procter, 19, got vaccinated at the centre.

“Access to the centre wasn’t great, lack of parking and actually being able to walk to it was tricky but the actual centre was fab and well organised," she said.

“It was clean, you felt safe in terms of being socially distanced, admin team were helpful and efficient and my vaccinator was friendly and reassuring."

Mira continued: “I wanted to get vaccinated to feel like every time I go out there’s a better chance I’ll come home and be ok.

“Having to isolate whether I was positive or not becomes an inconvenience for myself and my family who would also have to isolate.

“I believe the more of us who get vaccinated the sooner we’ll get things going again."

And how did Mira feel about the pop-up clinic? “Super pleased,” she said.

“To see so many people there, it feels like things are going to get better.”

Another Lymm resident, Adam Draper, 34, commended the operation given the turnout.

“I arrived about 15 minutes early and waited about 45 minutes. They had people directing us to where we needed to go and trying to help with traffic, but loads of people turned up at 4pm so it got a bit packed,”

He added: “There was at least 100 people when I started to head inside, but probably less when I came out.

“The whole vaccine side of things was perfect, fast in and out, they checked my vitals to update my medical records while I waited.”

And why did Adam want to get vaccinated? “I’m getting the vaccine to protect myself and those around me, it’s the right thing to do," he said.