WARRINGTON has been named one of the most calm and chilled-out urban areas in the country.

Family-run business Supplement Place has used ONS data to find how 50 of the UK’s highest populated places rank for quality of life factors such as happiness, life satisfaction and anxiety

And Warrington has made it into the top three 'zen' towns and cities.

The town got a 'zen score' of 6.9/10 - beaten only by Bournemouth with 7.72/10 and Reading marked 7.14/10.

Proximity to a beach played a part in many of the top 10 'zen' areas.

But Warrington's access to the major cities of Manchester and Liverpool but without the hustle and bustle of city life was considered a factor.

The borough also has a wealth of places to relax like Sankey Valley Park and Walton Hall and Gardens.

The data said: "Our final podium place goes to Warrington, claiming third place with a score of 6.9. Located in the north west of England, nestled between the major urban centres of Manchester and Liverpool, Warrington is an unassuming entrant to our list.

"Scoring well across the board, Warrington has earned its place as one of the most chilled places in the country."

The top 10 'zen' towns and cities

1. Bournemouth


2. Reading


3. Warrington


4. Northampton


5. Luton


6. Swindon


7. Manchester


8. Southend-on-Sea


9. York


10. Leicester