METRO Mayor Andy Burnham met with workers to hear their concerns about the closure of a flagship call centre.

Capita has put forward controversial proposals to relocate the majority of the workforce from the call centre in Radcliffe to Warrington, with 25 per cent working from home.

Mr Burnham said: “These are important jobs in Greater Manchester. They have been loyal to the company but they have also built this brand, Tesco mobile.

“This is a success story for Capita and my argument is why disrupt that, why throw that away.”

Mr Burham said he would take away concerns heard and put them to Capita in a meeting.

The centre, which serves as a call centre for Tesco Mobile, has existed for over two decades and is said to be a vital local employer.

Under plans Capita wants to move its Bury-based workforce to its Preston Brook site, with 25 per cent allowed to work from home.