IT is famed for its hanging kebabs and now The Botanist is 'home to possibly the UK's biggest brunch menu'.

The Time Square restaurant is offering what it calls the perfect brunch board where you can choose what suits your mood – 'hearty', 'healthy' or mix it up across the six categories.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Well that is just one of the many questions you will be asked as you build your brunch board.

Altogether, The Botanist makes the bold claim there are more than 700 different menu combinations – meaning you could visit every day for two years and never order the same board.

Bringing together the world’s best breakfast items, such as Turkish shakshuka, French patisserie, the great British fry up and southern California’s smoothie bowls, the menu is made up of 18 breakfast items, split across six categories – making building your best brunch a piece of cake toast.

Each board starts with selecting a choice of eggs – Turkish, fried or scrambled tofu – and a hearty bowl – from bacon, vegan sausage, smoked mackerel pate.

Next up, visitors pick a fruit or grain bowl and something from the bakery – toast, croissant or cornbread. The final decisions are a sweet treat – carrot cake overnight oats, French toast or vegan chocolate pot – and last, a mini juice smoothie.

James Scott, executive chef for The Botanist, said: “We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we hope this new look menu allows everyone the perfect start to their day.”

So, whether you fancy a hearty weekend remedy, something to shake up your post-lockdown health kick or want to step away from smashed avocado again, The Botanist have you covered.