DASHCAM footage has captured a fully naked man walking along one of the town’s busiest roads.

The video was taken by a vehicle travelling on Manchester Road at around 11.30am yesterday, Wednesday.

In the clip, the nude male appears to emerge from Warrington Cemetery before crossing the A57 in the direction of the former Chevy’s pub near to the junction with Padgate Lane.

One shocked occupant of the car can be heard on camera to say: “He’s fully naked.

“That’s not allowed.”

At this point, a police car with its emergency lights activated can then be seen travelling along the major route towards the scene.

Another man then quips: “Perhaps he was buried.”

A woman responds: “He’s resurfaced.”

The first occupant, upon seeing a vehicle performing a U-turn in a side street and returning in the direction of the incident, adds: “He’s turning around for a better look.”

Cheshire Police have been contacted for comment.

The Warrington Guardian has chosen to remove the audio from the video in order to protect the anonymity of the witnesses.