PARK owners are looking at ways to protect a children’s playground which remains closed due to vandalism.

The park in Hood Manor, Great Sankey, has been forced to close three times over the past three years due to damage to the equipment and flooring.

Brentnall Park was closed in April 2020 due to lockdown but was unable to reopen due to the damage caused over this period.

One resident claimed: ‘‘It’s an eye sore and it’s a shame for the local children who are not in walking distance of any other park.’’

Your Housing, who own the park, said: "Brentnall Park was closed in April 2020 following government guidelines during the first Covid lockdown.

‘‘Unfortunately, during this closure, much of the equipment and flooring was badly vandalised, graffitied and damaged.

‘‘This has left the playground unsafe and so has remained closed.

‘‘We are working with specialist contractors to repair the damage which will be at a significant cost.

"This is the third time the park has been closed due to vandalism over the past 3 years, and so we are also looking at ways to protect the space so that it will remain safe and open for the community to enjoy."