AN artist kept people on social media busy in lockdown by setting them challenges of putting pictures of Warrington and beyond into sketches.

Victoria Berg, of Sketchpad on Tour, who moved to Warrington four years ago, set her own challenges from pictures she had taken for people to join in using a hashtag and to tag her in the photos so she could share them.

“It all came about during lockdown and giving people other challenges, walking around and taking photos and loads of people joining in really,” she said.

“They tag me in it and use the hashtag. There have been some pictures that have had more than 100 people take part from all over the world all drawing places in Warrington which is funny and sweet, really.

“They really love getting involved.”


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How does Victoria, from Stockton Heath, feel about her challenges that kept so many people engaged in lockdown?

“It’s great. The first one I did I thought ‘I really hope someone does it because it might be a bit silly if it’s just me doing it’.

“The first couple a few people did it and it’s really taken off, it’s really great and I kept getting really good feedback.

“People said ‘we really look forward to your challenges and we love doing them’, so I would try and do them once a week like on a Friday.

“I make sure I comment on all of them and re-share them on my stories to promote other people’s work.

“I do it less now with things opening up, but it’s proved to be quite successful.”


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Victoria used her talent to great effect and hopes it has helped encourage more artists in Warrington and beyond.

She added: “I have a love for art, I do commissions and I love doing it, I just want to inspire other people to get involved. I think whatever level they are people should have a go, especially while we’ve not been able to go out and do much.

“People have taken up art when they’ve not done it in years or they’ve not done it before or they’re brilliant, there are so many different levels so it’s just been great giving a bit of inspiration.”