A BUSINESS from Warrington is working alongside the Peace Foundation to provide support to those impacted by terror incidents.

No Brainer is partnering with the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation to provide specialist media support to terrorism survivors.

The award-winning agency and the foundation are working together on a series of PR and social media workshops, following backing from the Home Office’s Victims of Terrorism Unit.

The vital government funding, which will also see No Brainer provide bespoke advice on media and social media handling to victims and families, was awarded to the Peace Foundation as well as three other agencies working to promote peace and support survivors.

Established following the deaths of Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball in the March 1993 IRA attack in Warrington, the Peace Foundation has been delivering conflict resolution and peace projects for more than 28 years.

Nick Taylor, chief executive of the Peace Foundation, said: “As a charity we’ve been supporting victims, families and communities impacted by terror incidents for almost three decades.

‘‘We were pleased to be able to secure vital funding to bring in experts in various fields, and we’re pleased to be partnering with No Brainer to ensure we’re providing expert support to victims, families, communities and stakeholders who have been impacted by terror incidents.

‘‘Often people are thrust in the limelight for reasons out of their control, so knowledge of media handling, social media and campaigning can be incredible useful.

“We’ve always received an incredible amount of support from Warrington-based businesses, and I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits of this partnership with No Brainer as we remain focused on our mission for peace.”

Gary Jenkins, managing director at No Brainer, said: “As an agency we’re rooted in Warrington with many of our team living in the area too, so when the opportunity came up to partner with the Peace Foundation, we wanted to help with this project.

“The Peace Centre carries out some truly incredible work in the UK and internationally, and support many survivors, families and communities, so if we can help them in any way then we will do all we can.”