FAMILY and friends of a loving and caring mum are banding together to help ensure her final wish becomes a reality.

Claire Young sadly passed away on February 1 aged only 42, after being given the devastating news that she had incurable stage four bowel cancer.

The mum-of-two, who grew up in Sankey Bridges, was misdiagnosed with a food intolerance for two years, despite fears that she had the tell-tale signs of cancer.

She leaves behind husband Bobby, sons Bobby Jr (six) and Ollie (one) and sister Joanne Gill.

After learning that she did indeed have cancer, Claire’s biggest wish was for her friends and family to raise awareness of bowel cancer and misdiagnosis in young people.

Claire and sister Joanne

Claire and sister Joanne

This is something they are committed to doing, with a sponsored walk over the weekend set to take the fundraising total to date past £10,000.

“Two years before her passing, Claire was going to a consultant her doctor had referred her to as there were concerns that she had symptoms of bowel cancer,” Joanne said.

“But she kept being turned away with people telling her she was too young and that it would be a food intolerance.

“She went through her second pregnancy and most of the first lockdown, but come August last year she was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer that had spread to her liver.

“She was told it was incurable and that she had weeks to live, and despite top oncologists at The Christie and a liver surgeon trying their best, sadly she passed away on February 1 – two days after Ollie’s first birthday.

Claire and sister Joanne

Claire and sister Joanne

“Her main wish when she was told the treatment wasn’t working was for us to get involved with the charity Bowel Cancer UK, which is running a huge campaign.

“At the moment for some reason, bowel cancer is on the increase in young people, and it needs to be more recognised when people go in with the classic symptoms.”

On Sunday, more than 100 people will be completing a socially distanced sponsored walk from Claire’s home in Manley to Delamere Forest and back to raise money and awareness for Bowel Cancer UK.

Joanne says the response so far has been exceptional, which is giving their hope of making a difference a real boost.

“I ran a Facebook post asking if anyone would like to join us and the response was overwhelming. I work in the beauty industry, and all my friends and clients said they wanted to join,” she continued.

Claire and sister Joanne

Claire and sister Joanne

“The love for Claire and our family has been absolutely amazing, and the donations from people and businesses have been fantastic.

“She was massively involved in Manley village life, as secretary of village hall,and through setting up a play group with other mums.

“Residents have been fantastic, and they did a sponsored walk after she died which raised £2,500.

“Bowel cancer is just not recognised in younger people at all, and people think it is something suffered by the older generation, That is what we are trying to change.”

If you would like to donate, visit