CONSERVATIVE Warrington South MP Andy Carter says he is not surprised to see proposed boundary changes to his constituency.

The Boundary Commission for England has revealed plans to shake up the electoral map, which would see Lymm and Thelwall become part of the Tatton constituency.

The plans aim to ensure each constituency has roughly the same number of voters and are due to be introduced in 2023.

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Mr Carter, who won his seat in the 2019 general election, has issued a statement on the matter.

He said: “This is the first stage in a what will be a two-year consultation to balance constituencies around the UK so that every MP represent roughly the same number of people.

“As the MP for Warrington South I currently have around 14,000 more constituents than the MP for Warrington North, so it’s not a surprise to see some proposed changes to Warrington South to bring it down to the agreed level of electorate.

“I’m very keen to hear from local people about the suggestion being outlined to move Lymm and Thelwall out of Warrington South and into Tatton and I know the Boundary Commission will be keen to hear from residents too.”