A RESIDENTS’ association is hoping to have a bowling green’s nomination as an asset of community value extended.

Longbarn Bowling Green, on Harpers Road, was first listed as an ACV by Warrington Borough Council in 2015 – giving the site added protections from developers.

Now a renewed application for this status to continue has been lodged with the council by the Longbarn Residents Association.

In the submission, chairman Geoff Orange said: “Originally this land was designated as amenity land, an important design feature of the Longbarn estate – as indeed it was for all the Warrington new town housing schemes.

“It consists now of the bowling green, an associated club chalet or store and a car park accessed via Carpenter Grove.

“These features provide a significant open green space amongst the housing development and a significant recreational amenity for our Longbarn community.

“At the time of writing, much effort is going into the development of the facilities for the newly reformed bowling club alongside publicity to attract a new and more diverse membership.

“The bowling green was granted its status as an asset of community value in 2015 because it was recognised that it provided a significant recreational, social and green amenity for the neighbourhood.

“This still remains true today.

“Our firm view is that because of the Covid pandemic last year, the timespan of the original planning order should have automatically remained in place for another year or until such time as we received notice that it was due to lapse.

“We humbly request that this perspective be applied to this application to renew the bowling green and the land on which it stands as an asset of community value.”